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SITE LICENSE (SITE): provides that an unlimited number of installations may be made for use at the school for which the license was purchased. Permission is also granted for installation of the program on any school network which restricts access to only its own registered students. The program may also be installed on teachers’ home computers for use in preparing lesson plans and familiarizing themselves with its operation. When laptop computers are provided or required by the school to be used on school premises (in place of a school lab), the site license allows for installation on those computers, too. For regular use on a home computer, students should purchase a personal license independently or through the school/bookstore or through a multi-download license (see below).

PERSONAL LICENSE (PERS): provides for installations on one or more computers owned by one person or household. Use of the program is restricted to household members or those attending a home school in that household. This license can also be purchased by a school for installation on no more than one computer on site at any point in time.

MULTI-DOWNLOAD LICENSE (DNLD): provides the opportunity for groups of students to download their own copies of the installer files from a secure site (either from Centaur Systems or the school’s own non-public, password-protected server, if available). This is designed for more efficient home use of the software. Multi-download licenses are sold in sets of 10.