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Latin Flash Drill 4.6
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Latin Flash Drill 4.6 provides randomized form creation, parsing, and paradigm chart drills for the major parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs (indicative and subjunctive, regular and irregular). Scores can be recorded and sorted in an easy-to-read, printable chart format. A diagnostic ‘Review List’ option maintains a checklist of all drill work by grammatical category to determine acceptable proficiency and guide future menu selections for each user.
System requirements: Windows or Mac OS X, 32 MB RAM, 20 MB storage space per module.
DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you experience any difficulty in receiving a download after clicking on a link, you might need to adjust the level of security set in your browser to the "standard" level, instead of "advanced" or "enhanced." Once downloaded, open that compressed "zip" file into the program folder. Then open the program folder, and start up the main program file (with Centaur icon). You may run into an error message when you try to run the program, telling you that it is from an unidentitfied developer. In Windows, you can click on the 'More Info' button, and it will give you the option to accept the downloaded program as secure for future use. In Mac OS X, you can use the 'i' (Info) button or hold down the Control key ('ctrl') when you click on the program file to get a menu, then choose 'Open', which will accept the program for future use. See the Manual file in the Readme folder or the Help option within the program for more info. May not be able to run on 64-bit operating systems, such as Mac OSX Catalina and newer versions.
Textbook - Version Computer Type
Cambridge Latin Course Win Mac
Common Entrance Win Mac
Imperium Win Mac
OCR Advanced Syllabus 2016 Win Mac
OCR GCSE 2016 Win Mac
Oxford Latin Course Win Mac
Reading Latin (Jones & Sidwell) Win Mac
WJEC Win Mac