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Here's what students, teachers, and parents have to say about our Latin drills:

I can’t show you the happy expressions on some of my students’ faces when I told them we now had Centaur Systems software to accompany this textbook. One student said to me yesterday, “This is how I learn my forms best and feel like I know the language."

Ian Hochberg (teacher), St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School, Alexandria VA

For over 10 years, I have used Rob Latousek's Latina drills with my classes at school and also with the students I tutor.  The students prefer to use his computer-based drills over any of those available on the web.  Students tell me that his programs help the information "stick" more readily than other programs.  When I give my students a choice, they always choose to use Latina; and their improved quiz and test scores verify that using these programs significantly improves their ability to remember vocabulary words, noun/adjective endings, and verb forms.

Denise Brown (teacher & tutor), Chantilly VA

When our Latin Flash Drill software was erased during a network renovation, our students switched to using drills from the Internet. They much prefer the Centaur ones and want them back ASAP. Smiles.

Geraldine Kuenkler (teacher), Valley Regional High School, Deep River CT

My son used Latin Flash Drill and Latin Vocab Drill for 15 minutes a day over the course of a month and raised his average quiz score up from 45% to 100%. I don't think he could have passed the course without this software.

Margaret Logan (parent), Lake Forest IL

Latin Vocab Drill . . . makes learning vocabulary a lot easier and makes the learning process hassle-free and fun.

George Artley (student), Derby Grammar School student, Derby, England

We like the new updated versions of Latin Flash Drill and Latin Vocab Drill very much. It provides our students with much more practice, and we like being able to keep track of their progress. Our students think the program is great. They love to go to the computer room to use it. (Of course, they think it is a way to get out of class, when it actually isn't.) Keep up the good work!

Tom Tuthill (teacher), St. Louis Priory School, St. Louis MO

Our son, Matt, had a C average in Latin going into the semester final. He started using Latin Flash Drill and SOS Games every night for a week and ended up getting 100% on the final. He really got hooked on using the programs, and when he took the National Latin Exam, he received a 'magna cum laude' award for his efforts. His teacher is great, but we think that getting the instant feedback from using the programs helped him focus better than when he does the paper-and-pencil homework out of the book.

Carole Sailer (parent), Studio City CA

There is no doubt that my students who have used your grammar and vocabulary drills have a better grasp of Latin than those who have not.

John Hansen (teacher), Westmoore High School & Univ. of Central Oklahoma

All my students who have used Latin Vocab Drill regularly achieved great success. One student with ADD raised his vocabulary quiz average from 63 to 83% within just a couple of weeks of using the program, and he maintained that level the rest of the year. We have several Latin programs available for our students, but none gets the use that Latin Vocab Drill does.

Dennis Rayl, Trinity School at River Ridge, Bloomington MN

As a teacher, I find it extremely helpful for saving valuable class time previously used for drill. With the availability of this program there was a marked improvement in students' knowledge of forms, noticeable even over a single weekend.

Gale Stone (teacher), LaFollette High School, Madison WI

Our son was not into Latin at all, but once he got the patterns and concepts down from these drills, it gave him the confidence he needed to succeed, and he went to the top of his class.

Mimi Shanahan (parent), Oxford MD

Latin Flash Drill is great for use in the classroom and as extra practice for students having difficulty with Latin forms.

LeaAnne Osburn (teacher), Barrington High School, Barrington IL

Teachers have little time for extensive classroom drilling, and yet extensive practice in the language is essential. Latin Flash Drill is a welcome addition to the techniques of mastering the language.

David H. Kelly (professor), Montclair (NJ) State College, The Classical Outlook, May/June 1989