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Last updated: 15 Oct 2014

-------------------->         Text-specific   <--------------------  
Artes Latinae--Levels I & II   W     Sweet, multimedia text D&P/Tut Bolchazy 230.00
Artes Latinae--Lectiones   W     hypertext reader with audio D&P/Ref Bolchazy 39.00
 Centaur Systems/J-Progs                
Aeneas   W   X hypertext/picts/quizzes D&P/Tut J-Progs / Centaur 20.00
Latin Flash Drill (forms)   W   X many textbook versions D&P Centaur / J-Progs 10.00
Latin Vocab Drill   W   X many textbook versions D&P Centaur / J-Progs 10.00
 Transparent Language                
101 Languages of the World   W A X master program for add-ons Ref/D&P Transparent Lang 7.99 / 69.95
CLC E-Learning Resource   W   X CLC Units 1-2 exercises & audio D&P/Tut CambridgeSCP GBP 41.66
J & S Lat Vocab (iPhone only)     A   Jones & Sidwell's Reading Latin D&P Neuburg 0.00
Lingua Latina (Orberg) I W   X exercises & audio D&P/Tut Focus 24.95
Cambridge Online Latin Project I       CLC drills/links D&P CambridgeSCP 0.00
Internet Workbook for Oxford I       OLC Parts 1-3 drills & links D&P Cape 0.00
Intro. to Latin (Shelmerdine) I       Intro. to Latin (Shelmerdine) D&P Focus 0.00
Quia Latin Games & Quizzes I       many textbooks/teacher-made D&P teacher subs 49.00/yr
 -------------------->          Non-text-specific    <--------------------  
Talk Now!--Latin   W   X audiovisual word drills D&P EuroTalk / LangQuest 29.95
Vocabulary Builder   W   X multisensory vocab drills D&P EuroTalk / LangQuest 29.99
 Hungry Frog                
Alfy/Latin I       vocabulary matching D&P Hungry Frog 0.00
Hungry Frog/Latin I       vocabulary matching D&P Hungry Frog 0.00
Mushroom Meteor/Latin I       vocabulary matching D&P Hungry Frog 0.00
Grammar Tutor   W   X fill-in-blank grammar quizzes D&P IdiomSoftware 39.95
Liberation Philology--Latin     A   vocab & forms drills D&P Liberation Phil 2.99
MacFlash         4,500 vocab flashcards D&P Language Quest 29.95
Read & Understand Latin   W     audiovisual intro course on CD D&P Anotek 150.00
Revise Latin: Verbs   W     intro/practice/review D&P Multimodis Latina 35.00
Rosetta Stone I W   X audiovisual phrase drills D&P Rosetta Stone 159.00
Teach Yourself Some Latin I       1st decl/conj form,voc,trans D&P Alvares 0.00
  • Media-System Type Key: Internet [web-based app] (I), Windows (W), App [tablet: iOS and/or Android] (A), Mac OS X (X)
  • Type Column Key: Drill & Practice (D&P), Tutorial (Tut), Simulation (Sim), AI/Dialog (AI), Reference (Ref)
  • Prices are in US Dollars (USD) unless noted otherwise.

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